Resource Book – Model Program

The Association of Illawarra Community Languages Schools Inc. (AICLS) has developed the

Model Program Resource Book in conjunction with the Model Program.

AICLS is happy to be able to share a free copy of this Resource Book with your Community Language School and hope it will assist you with your language teaching program and resource development.

This Resource Book attempts to be generic that student resource pages can be easily modified and be translated into any Community Language (CL).  These student pages are to be photocopied and handed out to students as worksheets. There are also teacher pages, which give teachers instructions about the various tasks and activities together with the student worksheets. But also there are many teacher pages with teaching ideas for reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks and activities.

Individual pages can be downloaded:

Model Program Resource Book

The student pages have some student instructions and other task or activity related writings in English but written in red. This is to make it easier and show the teacher which text needs to be translated into the Community Language (CL)

All pages in this book are self-produced and copyright protection has been taken into serious consideration.

The production and printing cost was sponsored by Multicultural NSW.