Online Short Courses

The AICLS Education Officer is conducting self study, short courses on the internet.

The courses offered are ‘Lesson Planning’, ‘Understanding Text Types’, ‘Dictation’ and ‘Behaviour Management’. For more details about these courses please read below under Short Courses.

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Enrolments are only available by invitation, so please send an email to AICLS with your name, email address and which Community Language School you teach at.

This course is free to registered NSW Community Language Teachers and only AUS$20 to others.

You will receive a Certificate of Participation once you completed a course.


Short Courses

Education Officers’ Workshop Flyer

Who presents the courses?  The Education Officers of the Community Languages Schools Program.

When: by prearranged appointment during the week and on weekends.

How long: Courses take about 2-3 hours

Where: The Education Officer, Enya, comes to your schools with all the materials needed for the course, for computer based courses 5 laptops

How to contact Enya:

by email:

by mobile phone: 0409 719 658

Cost: free to teachers of AICLS member schools – others $10 per person

Become an AICLS member for only $25 per school per year. You can download the membership form.


Please find below a list of courses offered:


Practical resources for interesting lessons will be produced in the language relevant to participants. A variety of games that can be played using a set of flashcards will be demonstrated.Teachers will then make their own sets of flashcards. There are already 240 laminated pictures and the teachers write in their language 240 matching word cards and laminate them. Your school will then have 480 laminated flashcards. (the cost of the colour printed pictures and the laminating sheets will $40 only)

This course is for teachers who need basic computer skills to produce resources.You will learn how to format a page, make headings, fonts, sizes, bold, italics, underline,

numbering and draw lines, find and insert pictures, copy and paste, open, close and safe files.

Teachers will increase their use of the keyboard and will provide skills and knowledge to use Microsoft Word.

We will produce a student worksheet, which the teachers can use later in their language classroom.

5 laptops are available to come to your school.

Limit of 10 participants, 2 to share a laptop.

This course is designed for classroom teachers of Community Language Schools.This is course is designed for teachers who teach classes with students who have differing language levels and of different ages. The course will demonstrate ways of developing activities to cater to a range of language levels.

Participants will then be assisted to develop activities on a topic in their own language.

Suggested activities will have been previously trialled in language classrooms.

The course will look at classroom management, stategies and key features of effective behaviour management.The course will examine the positive approach to managing behaviour and planning for good behaviour rules

This course will assist participants to gain a positive approach to behaviour management,

to develop rules which state clearly the aims and expectations of the teacher in his/her classroom and to establish clear behaviour management techniques in classrooms.

Teachers will gain an understanding of the purpose of lesson planning;the information that should be included in a lesson plan;

examine a number of lesson plan formats and choose one to suit their own context;

design a lesson to suit their classes.

Teachers will learn to design and plan a set of lessons on a topic that is relevant to their students; design lessons that cater to a range of interests and language levels.Teachers will be able to feel confident that their lessons are well planned and sequenced.

In this course you will learn what the different text-types are, their purposes, structures and language features.A better understanding of text-types makes it easier to plan lessons and explain to students the structures and language features of specific texts. Students knowledge of the purpose of their writing, will give them an understanding of how to set up a text and which grammatical features to use.

This course will also give you many classroom activities to take back to your school.

This course is for all language teachers.It examines an area that is vital in whole school planning and in the learning sequences.

Scope includes decisions about what is significant and manageable.

Sequence includes decisions about what is necessary for sequential development of both skills and concepts.

Programming looks at how to adapt and modify the Model Program for Community Language Schools and using the Model Program Resource Book. A free copy of the Model Program and the Resource Book will be handed out to participants.

A must for all new and overseas-trained teachers.

This course is for teachers and school committee members to produce spreadsheets to keep records of students, finances and making rosters, eg. a playground roster. Participants will increase their use of the keyboard and will provide skills and knowledge to use Microsoft Excel.

This course aims to increase the understanding of the value of ‘Dictations’. Teachers will learn to present ‘Dictations’ in a more interesting and fun way and therefore increases the students learning outcomes.At the completion of this course you should be able to create a student orientated ‘Dictation’; modify a text suitable for the different learning stages; use different ways of presenting a ‘Dictation’ and know when to use a ‘Dictation’ during a unit of work.